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Honeyman Studios is a Los Angeles based creative agency specializing in brand strategy and design. We help your ideas come to life by providing guidance and solutions to elevate your brand and create a lasting impact. Our clients range from Fortune 500 corporations to small start-up companies and we are excited to collaborate with you!

Who is our perfect fit:
You Rock!
You value design and understand how powerful it can be.
This ensures that you have a cohesive brand across all touchpoints.
You are willing to do the work of discovery before jumping into design.
You are a start up or entrepreneur who is highly motivated and ready to bring your ideas to life.
You come to us to provide our expertise, not to implement direction from other sources.
We work directly with the you - the decision maker - not through other team members.
You are open to new ideas and are ready to invest to meet your goals.
In order for you to grow, we must create a roadmap to make sure your goals are aligned, your messaging is clear and you are communicating effectively.
You allow us to guide you and your team through the design process.
You allow us to take a project from inception to completion.
You Get Us!
Not Us...
Order takers
Mind readers

Our Services

Identity Design
Website Design
Positioning Strategy
Brand Platform
Logo Design
Brand Guidelines
Brand Messaging
UI Design
Responsive Design
Web Collateral
Social Media
Design Collateral
Creative Direction
Marketing Ads

Editorial and Layout
Display Design
Art Direction
Strategy Sessions

What our clients are saying...

"Honeyman Studios is the best strategic design partner you could ask for. Joanna has been my design partner at Disney and at rapidly growing consumer and enterprise startups. She's helped steer everything in marketing from brand strategy and branding to messaging to website development to content creation and executing multi-channel marketing campaigns. What I love about Joanna is that she's truly a creative partner and collaborator. Yes, she creates exceptional design but she also works through creating memorable user experiences. I’ve found Joanna’s work invaluable to my team’s success and I’d enthusiastically recommend working with her to any founder or leader looking to make an impact with their work."
Entrepreneur | CMO | Marketing & Product Technology Leader
Kristen Alexander
Creative Director
Lindsay Monroe
"Honeyman Studios was a true partner as we developed our brand at Lambda. They quickly understood our customers and the complexity of our business. I particularly loved working with Joanna and her ability to collaborate so easily. She could take my half-baked ideas and turn them into thoughtful, beautiful designs that resonate with our customers. Honeyman Studios made our new brand and website come to life and I couldn’t have asked for a better agency to partner with."
Chief Marketing Officer
Jamie Barnett, CISSP
"Honeyman Studios has been my go-to any time I need to convey a message, idea, or data in a visual way. Joanna is a master storyteller who delivers head-turning branding and marketing materials that are crisp, clear, clever, fun, and beautiful. Her work is fast, on budget, and drama free. I cannot recommend Joanna highly enough to any organization that wants to make an impact with their brand."
Meet the Team
Joanna Honeyman
Honeyman Studios is led by founder and creative director Joanna Honeyman. Joanna has over 15 years experience in creating long lasting branding experiences for a broad range of companies. She has worked with small start ups to Fortune 500 corporations and brings her expertise and enthusiasm to every project to ensure maximum growth and exceed desired outcomes.

A lover of all things creative, Joanna is also an artist, working in oil paints, printmaking and photography. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Ian.

Ian Honeyman
Ian Honeyman is a film and tv composer and is also the co-founder and CFO of Honeyman Studios. When Ian is not off making movies, we are lucky to have his guidance and expertise making sure that operations are running smoothly and clients are being well taken care of.

Ian's free time is spent traveling with his wife Joanna, and he enjoys collecting musical instruments from all over the world.
Dan Glover
Dan Glover has been working with Honeyman Studios for over seven years.
He is an illustration specialist as well as a software designer and javascript developer.

Dan has a passion for creating online games with a lighthearted sense of humor. He is the proud owner of an 80 pound tortoise and is a connoisseur of all things Nintendo. He lives with his wife and family in Southern California.
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